Have you had an Ethiopian experience lately, Acts 8?

Have you had an Ethiopian experience lately, Acts 8?
Last week after the 2016 AFAM Congress on Discipleship in Atlanta, I was on my way home, landing at O’Hare International Airport wherein I got on the Coach USA bus for the ride back home to Indiana.  To my surprise the bus was full.  Spring break students were returning to classes, so I sat down in the first empty seat that was available, about midway back on the bus.  Next to me, I thought, was an African American college student, he was black.  But, when I asked him if he was a student at Notre Dame University I quickly realized he was an African student studying at Valparaiso University, in the city right next to my home.
One in twelve people in the U.S. are immigrates (some, like this Kenyan student are here for just a few years, and others, including their children, are here hoping to stay permanently). 
This Kenyan student, was already a wonderful believing Christian.  We talked the full hour and a half until we got off the bus together near my home.  Nevertheless, I was prepared to share the Good News, “Christ living within me” if need be. He was extremely open and asked me a lot of questions, along with sharing openly about his own life.
Many immigrants love a good dialog – few Americans take the time to sit and talk with them.  Just being open to practice English, with an American, is truly meaningful to many immigrants.  Don’t be afraid to share your life with them – many are open to what you have to say.
Well, it wasn’t a true chariot, like the Ethiopian’s, and thankfully God didn’t call me to run beside it, but I want to encourage you to be prepared if the Lord gives you an Ethiopian moment: to share the Good News of Christ with someone who looks different from you.
"Look at the nations and watch-- and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.  Habakkuk 1:5
Kirk Reynolds
“Nations Within” Team

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